How to do good things with words?

Practice epideictic rhetoric !

Epideictic rhetoric are speeches designed to create a feeling of pride, speeches that turn a bad mood into a good mood.

How to practice epideictic rhetoric?

  • Fill yourself with positive emotions (looking at a powerful picture might help)
  • Try to communicate them to your audience


Look at this picture:

Sans titre

Now, read this:

“This man is Alphonse Lyoura, an airport baggage security officer at Zaventem Airport in Brussels. When two bomb blasts erupted in the departure area, he did not flee. He decided to stay and to help. Look at this man, in the middle of this chaos of dust, of blood and fear. This man reminds us an important thing. The most important of all things. Terrorists can brake walls, they can brake windows, bodies, families. Terrorists can destroy anything but one thing. One thing that will continue to shine, day after day, no matter how dark the future will be. This thing is our humanity.”

Remember that it is your role as a speaker to inspire others.

Well chosen words can help people to feel good and to do what is right.

Stay tuned, I will give you tips and exercises to master the craft of doing good things with words!

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